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Newsletter Wizard

The Newsletter Wizard, a web-based solution that allows you to create and send newsletters or mailers to update your contacts with the latest business news.

There is no software to install, no extra storage to buy. All you need is a computer with internet access. The Newsletter Wizard’s intuitive design allows you to use it in no time.

The Newsletter Wizard provides you with all the tools you need to design and send a professional newsletter in record time.

You can create a mailer/newsletter with a simple HTML editor or a predefined template.

Each email that is sent from the system has the following options in the footer: Forward to a friend, edit my profile, unsubscribe.

You can import you contact list via a simple uploading process directly to your mailing lists. You can manage lists and contacts manually including merging lists.  

In case a contact wishes to unsubscribe, the Newsletter Wizard will mark the contact entry as ‘not active’ and will not include the email address when sending emails, while saving the contact info rather than deleting it.  

Send a test message – you have created your newsletter and you would like to know how it looks like as an email? Send a test copy to yourself to make sure you like it. You can also send test emails to someone else for a second opinion. 

Once you've sent your newsletter to your contact list, you would probably want to know how it is doing. The newsletter Wizard has a dashboard, showing charts of easy to understand statistics about your campaign – letting you know how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked, bounced, and more. 

Export your newsletter statistics to Excel and integrate it into your reports so you can present your newsletter’s performances, analyze it and perfect it.


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About The Product

Easily create a professional email, newsletter, or any other electronic-based communication campaign. A newsletter can be created in record time with full flexibility in look, feel and branding. 

Key Features

  • - Email Templates
  • - Open and click tracking
  • - Segmentation
  • - Bounceback handling
  • - Advanced list management tools
  • - Tools for importing and adding contacts
  • - Custom data fields
  • - Message forwarding

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