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Events Wizard

The Events Wizard was created to facilitate, design, and manage all aspects of your event, from the initial planning to the post activities that follow a successful event.

Created for handling all aspects of event management, the Events Wizard is the answer to all your event management needs - be it a small workshop or a huge conference attended by thousands - this versatile tool will make planning and executing it a breeze.

Communication Center
Events Wizard provides a simple, user-friendly Communication Center. Once you have designed your event mini-site, you can begin to email your potential participants. You can design as many emails as you want, in varied styles, with full and flexible design capabilities. You can segment your contacts into groups for reminders, updates and invoicing. Events Wizard lets you manage mailing lists with advanced filtering and segmentation. The Communication Center simplifies all aspects of event marketing, promotion and communications.

Within each event you can pre-design the event’s automatic response emails (e.g. successful registration is followed by an automatic, personalized email confirmation containing all registration data). You can set pre-designed emails for confirmation, pending confirmation or cancellation. You can brand your emails and alter the pre-designed response options and adjust them to the specific needs, branding and message you wish to convey.

Once you create your event, a website is automatically created with a unique URL. EventsWizard lets you create as many web pages and menu items as you want, enabling you to add your own branding graphics, logos, text and hyperlinks, and make real-time website updates as your event progresses.

Website Design - You can effortlessly create and maintain a branded mini-site, dedicated to each of your events. With the EventsWizard, there is no need for any programming or technical skills to produce and manage even the most professional looking site.

Content Pages - You can create content pages for the agenda, collaterals, presentations, photos, location and driving directions with ease. Any time you make a change to one of your web pages it is instantly updated online. To help you to easily create a professional site, EventsWizard has some pre-designed pages that will help guide you.

Secured Pages – You can decide to make all pages available to everyone, or to make sure that some pages are only available to registered and approved participants with password protection.

Photo Gallery – An easy-to-use feature which allows you to upload photos to your website. They are attractively displayed and include caption for a title and a description.

Upload Images and Documents – Images and files may be uploaded and aesthetically displayed on the content pages.

Networking – if you choose to offer a networking option as a component of the registration process, you can add a networking section to your website. Only participants who choose the networking option will subsequently appear in this section, so that only those who are interested in networking can approach one another.

Abstract Submission – The abstract submission option allows participants to submit introductions/summaries/abstracts for posters or presentations. The material is transmitted by email and collected at the administration site.

Polls and Surveys – You can include a short poll page or a full survey page in order to receive feedback and information from your participants, which will be helpful for future event planning.

Onsite management
Once your event is under way, Events Wizard provides you with powerful onsite management and monitoring tools. A "dashboard" is created for each event, where all the information is presented graphically so you can follow the progress of all the aspects of your event at a glance.

The printed confirmation of registration has both a barcode and a personalized registration number; this data can be typed in or read by a barcode reader for speedy processing when presented on site. 


Experience has taught us how important it is to be able to quickly and accurately access specific types of information at all times. Therefore, all aspects of your event, including participant details, travel and accommodation lists, itineraries, sessions and workshop attendance reports, can be accessed in just a few clicks.  


Events Wizard features a powerful search engine which enables you to generate an unlimited number of customized event reports. All these reports can be exported as Microsoft Excel formats.

Key features:

·         Simple streamlined structure: User-friendly design, easy to master.

·         Web page creator: Create your professional event web page with no need for a web specialist.

·         Online registration: Create your professional online registration web page. Monitor the registration and get full reports.

·         Invitation letter: Create and send an invitation letter for your event and send it to your contacts. 

·         Secured pages: Only those who have registered and been approved can access these pages.

·         Payment option: The participants in your event can pay the event fee on the event website.

·         Vouchers management: Create and send vouchers to your participants.

·         Accommodation arrangement: Your participants can book their hotel rooms through your event web page.

·         Communication center: Communicate with your participants.

·         Statistics: Get your reports and statistics in clear, easy-to-read charts and graphs.


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About The Product


The Events Wizard was created to facilitate, design, and manage all aspects of your event, from the initial planning to the post activities that follow a successful event.

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