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Invite Wizard

The Invite Wizard, a web based solution, allows you to design, create and send invitations by email, track responses in an automated efficient way, and get a graphic representation of the statistics of the invites your send for every event.

Exhibition Meeting Planner

Meeting Planner provides the event manager with interactive tools to allocate and manage meeting rooms and demo stations. Requests for meetings can be set by the administrator or by the sales team.

Events Wizard


The Events Wizard was created to facilitate, design, and manage all aspects of your event, from the initial planning to the post activities that follow a successful event.

Newsletter Wizard

Easily create a professional email, newsletter, or any other electronic-based communication campaign. A newsletter can be created in record time with full flexibility in look, feel and branding. 

Forms Wizard

Forms Wizard is a web-based service that enables you to create web forms for any purpose, e.g., to collect or update contact information, to take orders online, accept payment online, register attendees for events, create questionnaires.