Pwizard Technical Blog


We are proud to present our first tech-blog, written by our Ruby on Rails programmer: Stuff I've Learned About Ruby On Rails

This blog will cover various tips, cool gems and also some important basics on Ruby on Rails, the framework many of our newest products and apps are written in. 

So if you're into Rails, and looking for some interesting pointers, stay tuned, comment and pass it on.

Recent Posts

23 April, 2014 - Form-Wizard the NEW Online Registration System

The new FormWizard from ProMarketing Wizard was built by people like yourself, people who have managed dozens of international and local events of all sizes, who understand that the registration system has a strong influence on the success of the event, on the amount of attendees and on real-time assessments.

16 March, 2014 - Dan Shechtman Website

ProMarketing Wizard was honored and privileged to create a website for the campaign of Nobel Prize winner and candidate for President of the State of Israel, Professor Daniel Shechtman. The site serves as a hub for information regarding Prof. Shectman's hopes, plans and visions for the presidency and provides a link for his social media campaign and petition support.