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Alongside keeping in touch with family and friends, social networking websites have become essential part in a business marketing strategy. Social networking websites such as facebook and LinkedIn provide the perfect place to interact with potential customers as well as to check out what people are saying about your business. Using these websites wisely can help you generate new leads and transform potential customers into actual customers.

  • Don’t jump before you look. Plan. Strategize. Ask yourself: what are my goals? What is it that I would like to achieve? How do I get to there?
  • Research. What is your community interested in? Which discussion subjects will attract more people to connect with you? What are their needs? Is there anything your target audience needs that you are not offering them and could be offering?
  • Read. Social networking websites are full with useful information.
  • Connect. Use the social networking websites to connect with you existing customers as well as with potential customers.
  • Be active. Make sure you update your account regularly. An account that is not updated regularly looses followers.
  • Monitor. What are people saying about your business? What are they saying about your competitors? Know where you stand.
  • Don’t spam. The ratio should be that for every 10 posts of informative helpful content you are allowed to advertise once. More than that can result in loss of interest.

By following these simple guidelines, you can make your social networking websites worth your while.

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