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ProMarketing Wizard was selected by Telmap (an Intel company) to create their multi-lingual portal. provides innovative maps and navigation services. The site was designed to support all mobile and PC experiences.

Navigation and Maps

With M8 you literally have no excuse to ever get lost again! This free app has all the features of an expensive satnav, so now you can sit back and enjoy the journey without taking wrong turns or denting your credit card.

  • Live traffic updates.
  • Speed cam alerts.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (automatically reroutes you and announces street names).
  • Professional maps with auto updates.


Jump in the car and organize your social life en-route. Wherever you go you'll be able to check where your mates are – go shopping in the West End then meet up with everyone afterwards for a coffee!

  • Seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter.


Recent Posts

23 April, 2014 - Form-Wizard the NEW Online Registration System

The new FormWizard from ProMarketing Wizard was built by people like yourself, people who have managed dozens of international and local events of all sizes, who understand that the registration system has a strong influence on the success of the event, on the amount of attendees and on real-time assessments.

16 March, 2014 - Dan Shechtman Website

ProMarketing Wizard was honored and privileged to create a website for the campaign of Nobel Prize winner and candidate for President of the State of Israel, Professor Daniel Shechtman. The site serves as a hub for information regarding Prof. Shectman's hopes, plans and visions for the presidency and provides a link for his social media campaign and petition support.