Form-Wizard the NEW Online Registration System


The new FormWizard from ProMarketing Wizard was built by people like yourself, people who have managed dozens of international and local events of all sizes, who understand that the registration system has a strong influence on the success of the event, on the amount of attendees and on real-time assessments.

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Dan Shechtman Website


ProMarketing Wizard was honored and privileged to create a website for the campaign of Nobel Prize winner and candidate for President of the State of Israel, Professor Daniel Shechtman. The site serves as a hub for information regarding Prof. Shectman's hopes, plans and visions for the presidency and provides a link for his social media campaign and petition support.

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Israel Democracy Index


Would you object to living next-door to a homosexual couple? This is a legitimate question from the Israel Democracy Institute’s Democracy Index for 2013. This question, attempts to map the Israeli public’s opinions on daily matters in order to understand just how deeply the principles of democracy are rooted in Israeli society.

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Dr Friedman New Website


Promarketing Wizard has launched a new website for Dr. David Friedman Clinics. With both English and Hebrew versions of the site, the new site includes up-to-date news about skin care and Dr. Friedman's blog plus video presentations.

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New ePoster system


The event organizing company, Kaleidoscope, together with ProMarketing Wizard, has introduced a new Online Poster System. All posters are presented online. In photo: the ten Online Poster stands at the Israel National Health Institute poster arena.

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IDI Trivia Game - A Case Study


On Israel's recent Independence day, we launched the trivia game "Atzmaut le'Israel,” together with the Israel Democracy Institute and the news portal, Walla.

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Tlalim- Events new site


It our pleasure to release the NEW Tlalim-Events website. Design by Olga created by Hanan 


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ProMarketing Wizard was selected by Telmap (an Intel company) to create their multi-lingual portal. provides innovative maps and navigation services. The site was designed to support all mobile and PC experiences.

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Our Trivia app in the news


Ahead of the election season in Israel, ProMarketing Wizard developed a sophisticated trivia game for the Israel Democratic Institute. The goal was to increase awareness among the public to the democratic process and to the nuances regarding the rules of the election.

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Sixty One - A New Website


Most websites we build have the same structure, and more or less the same flow, which is not challenging for the web masters. 

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Pwizard Technical Blog


We are proud to present our first tech-blog, written by our Ruby on Rails programmer: Stuff I've Learned About Ruby On Rails

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How to create a better email campaign


.Email marketing is communicating a message (usually commercial) to a large audience, using emails. You can say that the email marketing is the evolution of the traditional advertizing mail, sent by post. In today’s post I would like to offer some help with your email marketing. Here are some tips that I picked up here and there and checked myself.

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Social conduct


Alongside keeping in touch with family and friends, social networking websites have become essential part in a business marketing strategy. Social networking websites such as facebook and LinkedIn provide the perfect place to interact with potential customers as well as to check out what people are saying about your business. 

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You are all invited


So your company has decided to have an event. The dates are set and you are in charge, among thousands other tasks, of sending invitations by email to your company’s relevant mailing list. You send all those email, inviting all those people and one by one, the RSVPs (or polite declines) are starting to come in.

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New Alumni Portal


Promarketing Wizard launched a new Alumni portal for Atidim. Atidim operations focus on building a strong Israeli society by maximizing the human potential found in the periphery for the benefit of individuals, society and the economy.

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